Custom Hollow Metal Door Installed to Secure a Convenience Store

Customer Type: Convenience Store

Industry: Retail


After an attempted break-in overnight at a convenience store, the owner called to see if the exterior entry door could be repaired. The door had been damaged with an axe and was beyond repair. The owner was very concerned about securing the opening until it could be replaced and was worried about how long a replacement might take.


To secure the door for the evening, our technician welded angle iron straps on the door’s interior so it would be secure overnight. The next day, the team adjusted the hollow metal shop schedule to prioritize the replacement door. Less than 24 hours after the initial call, the new door was ready for delivery and installation. In addition, the team redesigned the door with a continuous hinge and a ¼-inch flat strap full astragal to make future break-ins more difficult.