Specialty Products for Governments and Municipalities

Broken glass on door

There are a number of specialty products that are ideal for government and municipality customers.

Physical Security

In today’s world, security is more top of mind than ever. DH Pace offers numerous physical security barriers to protect your facility. Whether it’s a traditional gate to keep unwanted visitors out, barrier arms to control vehicles entering the premises or something a bit larger, we can meet your requirements.

Gates are offered in various materials and opening styles including swinging, sliding, pivoting and vertical rising. Barrier arms can stop a moving vehicle easily. Hydraulic bollards that lower into the ground can also stop a moving vehicle and give the added ability to leave the street unobstructed if there is a special event going on that requires constant flow of traffic. If high security is required, larger barricades, such as a hydraulic wedge barrier or hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) gate can be used. These are capable of stopping a large truck in its tracks, even at high speeds. HVM gates are designed to stop a semi-truck within a few feet when it is traveling at up to 50 mph.

Controlling the flow of people is just as important as controlling the flow of vehicles. One way to do that without compromising aesthetics in government and municipal settings is with optical turnstiles. They can offer the same ability to limit access to a facility without sacrificing appearances or creating an unwelcoming environment.

Specialty Products

Another set of products available for government and municipality customers are specialty doors and glass, made to endure an attack. DH Pace offers ballistic and impact-resistant glass for protection against excessive force. Or choose blast-resistant doors for added security.

No matter what your application, DH Pace can create a custom solution for your government or municipal facility. We service all makes and models and provide 24/7 emergency service.