National Retailer Secures Openings to Prevent Data Breach

Category: Key Services
Products: Lockset Cores, Keys
Industry: Retail
Application: Secure Confidential Data


The corporate offices of a national retailer required that all store locations had to rekey the openings to a specific area. The area contained sensitive electronic information.


The retailer was concerned about potential data breaches from areas within their stores. It was imperative to keep the sensitive electronic information secure. Because they have a national footprint, they immediately needed to secure all the data rooms across the entire company with a mechanical key system.

With over 1,100 locations to coordinate in short order, the retailer recognized they needed a partner with the technical expertise and ability to handle a project of this magnitude.


The retailer partnered with DH Pace to tackle the project. First, DH Pace hosted a key meeting to discuss options and formulate a strategic plan. Based on the meeting, DH Pace reprioritized the team’s production schedule to expedite the production. The team produced over 2,300 cores and keys in only four short weeks.


Because of DH Pace’s manufacturer connections and in-house technical team, the retailer received all the cores and keys for the required areas in one month.